8 Oct

I call this preemptive cultural acclimatisation:

as the leaving dos continue, I have moved on, mentally at least, to my new city, which is famous for concert halls under construction – and fish sandwiches.

So being preemptive as usual, I have baked Fischbrötchen-Kuchen, fish sandwich cakes.

They are easy to make: you simply take


diminutive breads (= Brötchen)



and fish (biscuits)


 and then add ersatz tartar sauce (i.e. white chocolate cream cheese cream) –

and you get



Another Baketastic Day!

29 Sep

Yesterday was another day I spent doing basically nothing but baking.

The occasion? My favourite cake eater is leaving the company he’s been working with for the last sixteen years, and today was his leaving do.

And because he’s so popular and has so many friends at work (especially on days when he brings cake), more than one cake was required.


I love my intense baking days, but they are always really exhausting, too, and I’m still rather tired today.

So I’m giving you my list of cakes baked yesterday in photos with no stories to go with them. Feel free to make up your own – the more gruesome, the better! :)


For those of who you like a challenge: spot the cake for which I used food colouring! ;)



Cherry And Mint Chocolate Tray Bake

Cherry And Mint Chocolate Tray Bake


Coffee Cream And Walnut Cupcakes

Coffee Cream And Walnut Cupcakes


White Chocolate Chip Cake

White Chocolate Chip Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting


Sesame And Pear Cake

Sesame And Pear Cake


Hazelnut And Courgette Balls

Hazelnut And Courgette Balls


Lemon Tray Bake

Lemon Tray Bake


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

A Monster Wedding Cake

24 Sep

Cookie Monster Wedding Cake


So my friends asked me for a special wedding present: to bake their wedding cake. How reckless can one be!?

Yours truly felt insanely flattered though, especially since they specified two kinds of cakes I’ve made a few times before which they wanted. Compliments hardly come any bigger than that, do they?

As cake toppers, they asked me to bake Cookie Monster muffins like I’d done before, and to make one a girl cookie monster. As you know, I am always happy to comply with gender stereotypes, and even happier to dye desiccated coconut pink! :D

Voilà: A Monster Wedding Cake.




The three layers at the bottom are courgette cake – a hazelnutty cake with a hint of cinnamon, which is all lovely and moist from all the courgettes which go into the cake batter. The bride requested the courgette cake.

And the groom did not request anything.

He demanded my poppyseed cake for the top layers. :) Mr. Groom Man is a seriously massive fan of my poppyseed & yoghurt cake.


So I happily complied; I baked three courgette cakes and two poppyseed & yoghurt cakes and made a massive bowl of cream cheese & white chocolate cream to go between the cake layers.

The couple and I had agreed on a semi-naked cake, so I just added some vanilla icing on top of the cake and let it drizzle down the sides of the cake.


The worst part was transporting the cake to the restaurant where they had their reception! I am sure my man would have turned grey (if he still had any hair on his head) driving at about walking speed on a dual carriageway, and I had a heart attack, or two, or seventeen, every time we had to go around bends in the road or, even worse, roundabouts!

But we and the cake made it to the restaurant safely. Phew!

And it was a wonderful wedding, and a beautiful day starring a beautiful bride and a dashing groom.


Cookie Monster Wedding Cake Toppers

No, not them. I was talking about the actual bride and groom.

So here’s to a very happy married life for Alex and Evelien, who, if they ask me to bake a cake for their wedding anniversary, will have to transport it themselves! :-Þ

Backen für Wacken / Wacken baking

4 Aug


Backen für Wacken


At an age when others start to consider quitting their dirty Heavy Metal festival lives, I am attending one for the first time in my life!

My partner said I have to join him and his mad friends at the Wacken Open Air festival.

He promised me dirt and limited hygiene facilities and music played by bands I don’t know – how could I resist!?

So I went along and I had an awesome time. I got dirty and listened to music by bands I didn’t know and fell a tiny bit in love with the lead singer of one of the bands and let the heavy bass thudding from the stages lull me to sleep at night.


There are people who say that baking cakes is not Heavy Metal. I beg to differ!

Exhibit a) to prove my case:

Backen für Wacken (2)


I had been asked to make my poppyseed cake as victuals for the days on the dusty field somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Of course I obliged – and I WACKENed the cake with the help of a home-made stencil for the festival logo.

Our friends liked it so much they cut all around the poppyseed decoration and ate the rest of the cake first in order to keep the logo intact for as long as possible. Way to flatter the Heavy Metal bakesteress! ;)


The answer to life, the universe and everything: lime & white chocolate shortbread

21 Jul


lime & white chocolate shortbread


Last weekend, it was the most specialest (!) birthday of the year, and this year was even more specialer than usual! :D

How exciting is turning 42!?

Well, I wouldn’t know. But my partner’s 42nd birthday was pretty exciting, I can tell you!

Exciting enough to come up with a new recipe:

lime & white chocolate shortbread!

I think it’s the best summer biscuit ever. I looove the limey freshness.


And this is how it’s done:

Lime & White Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits

250 g flour
70 g sugar
125 g butter
1 egg
1 pinch salt
zest of 2 limes
200 g white chocolate

Cute the butter into small pieces. Lightly beat the egg with a fork or other weapon of choice. Sift the flour with the sugar, then rub in the butter. Rub thoroughly. Add the egg, salt and zest of 1 lime and work it all into one nice dough. Cover with cling film and chill for a bit. Roll out and cut out in beautiful 4s and 2s and hearts.
Bake at 170° C for about 15 minutes. Let cool completely.
Decorate the shortbread biscuits with the chocolate and the zest of the second lime. It helps if you melt the chocolate first.

Eurovision baking: something rotten in the state of Denmark

12 May

something rotten

Dear reader, I have learned a valuable lesson this week: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

If you want to create artificial mould on your cake that looks as real as possible, you will end up regretting it. Especially when you’re more than a bit paranoid about rotten food.


Let’s talk about the nice part, then: the cake!

It’s my own creation, apple & almond biscuit bread. I based the recipe on what I’ve been told is a typical Danish dessert, some sort of trifle thing. The cake was seriously yum, very moist, and the tartness of the apples set off the sweetness of the almond biscuits in a lovely way.

There was not a single piece of cake left by the end of the party, wich says a lot considering the way it looked!

Unfortunately, though, I cannot give you the recipe. It’s not that I am withholding it on purpose – it’s just that I can’t quite say how much of what I used. I should start making notes when I’m on one of my baking experiments! I am ever so sorry.

Now. For the gross bit.

I mixed some flour and icing sugar for the basis of the mouldy bits and used a little brush to apply it to the cake. Then I added blue and green food colouring (the powdery stuff rather than the liquid colours I usually prefer) and did some more applying of disgusting stuff onto my lovely apple and almond biscuits bread.

I was hoping it would look real but the result still overwhelmed me. And not only in a good way…

But! It was perfect for our Denmark-themed Eurovision party. And some perfomers’ outfits looked more offensive than my mouldy bread.

I hope you all watched the show and cheered for Conchita. What a night!

Next year’s party motto: Wurst Käs Szenario. (Sorry, the awful pun only works in German.)

What’s the wurst that can happen!?

Eurovision baking: Danish Viking ships

12 May

danish viking ship biscuits

One of the four things I am constantly thinking about is the next Eurovision party. (And you don’t want to know the other three things…)

So when we went to the Hedeby (Haithabu) Viking Musem on 2nd January, I looked at everything there with our Eurovision Viking party in mind. You cannot start preparing early enough!

Incidentally, my man found his inspiration for a Eurovision Viking party costume there. (He went dressed as a rune stone, hoping that this would mean an excuse for him not to move all night.)

And I found: a viking ship biscuit cutter!

I love the shape. And I hate the shape with a passion. Guess whether almost half the biscuits broke at the mast. Grrrrrr.

But the ones that survived my tender loving handling looked cool. And tasted nice!

The biscuits are simple butter biscuits, very buttery and lovely. (You cannot use too much butter, I have been told.)

For the flags, I used sugar icing and my dearest companion: food colouring. :)


In other news, I might be clairvoyant – the only non-Danish viking ship was a winner ship! :)

austrian viking ship biscuitOr maybe they only won because I made this very biscuit? Hmm….


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