Little Green Monster Cake

18 Mar

Little Green Monster Cake

The best thing about a February Friday the 13th in a non-leap year is, of course, that there is another Friday the 13th coming right up!

I had about a thousand grand ideas — well, two. But hey, that’s not too bad!

And in any case, the universe, it seems, was not too excited about me having my way. Which is strange because it should have learned by now that only good things ever happen when I have my way…

Long story short, the only really nice thing that came out of my Friday the 13th baking was this little green monster cake. It’s a white chocolate cake with melted white chocolate, green food colouring and candy eyes :)

The rest of the cake had to be turned into a trifle, and the little green monster cake sat on top of the bowl. Resting on heap of crushed fellow monsters. That’s how I like them.


PS: Due to special circumstances, no St-Patrick’s-Day baking happened this year over here at Monsterbake. But since I am so late posting all this, the little green monster cake should count for both!

Chocolate Souffle Cheesecake for Friday the 13th (and against burnt Brussels sprouts)

13 Feb

Today, I had five reasons to bake a cake:

Reasons 1 – 3: Chocolate. Souffle. Cheesecake.

Reason 4: It’s Friday the 13th! Yay!

Reason 5: Yesterday, I managed to burn Brussels sprouts. I was seriously distracted for a moment or two, and only noticed what had happened when it was already a bit of a catastrophe… The smell is HIDEOUS. Capital HID, capital EEE-OUS.

And it’s two more things: pervasive and tenacious. Every corner of our home still smells of it. And there’s only so much you can do with opening the windows wide. So I had to bake a cake in order for a new smell to cover the burnt Brussels sprouts.*

Chocolate Souffle Cheesecake
This is where I got the recipe from: Sweet & Savory by Shinee – I read it the other day and was instantly intrigued, even though I deeply disapprove of the “holiday” mentioned in the text… But then, I have my own occasions for which I bake cakes! To each her own, I say.

Anyway. Intrigued. Yes, I was. Three ingedients? Sounds interesting. Three ingredients, all of which my man loves? Sounds fascinating. (Although he will be disappointed by the lack of butter… ;)

There was a typo in Shinee’s instructions though. When she wrote, “Dust some powdered sugar, if desired” she forgot to add “in the shape of a skull”!

Chocolate Souffle Cheesecake
Yes, my cake collapsed and cracked a little… If The Man likes the taste and texture, I will have to have another go some time and try and do better…

In other news, don’t you just love my pretty new cake stand!? We’ve spared no expense, as John Hammond would say: that’s € 1 truly well spent!

Pretty Cake Stand
* By the way, this has not worked. Rather than cover it, the new smell ganged up with the old one and together they turned into a mutant monster smell out to destroy humankind…


Happy New Year!

1 Jan


Special Christmas Biscuits for Judy the Dog

27 Dec

Judy's Christmas biscuits

I wasn’t going to do much Christmas baking this year – mostly for lack of big Christmas family reunions with lots of already-overfull stomachs to fill even more…

I get the impression that Christmas biscuits aren’t such a big thing here in Northern Germany anyway. Which is a shame, really, and maybe I should confront my Barbarian friends here with more proper Christmas culture!

What’s even worse: my man’s family don’t do Christmas presents. You heard right, there are no presents by their tree. Zero.

Aaaand even worserer: just because they agreed not to do Christmas presents years ago, they think it’s okay for them to ban me from overruling this rule.

So I acquiesced.


Because then I thought, why try and overrule when you can undermine?


Long story short, I baked special Christmas biscuits for Judy the dog. She was not part of the family when the no-Christmas-presents rule was first introduced, so she never got to have a say in this matter! That’s not fair, is it!?

Judy’s Special Christmas Biscuits are made from oats, flour, egg, chicken broth and ham. I thought they were a bit dry and tasted a bit boring – but then I wasn’t the target group. And Judy loved them.

As did Lotte and Finn, my friends’ dogs, who also got a small box full of Judy’s biscuits. Because she likes to share. Or because I went behind her back…

Three happy dogs and one no-Christmas-presents rule successfully undermined: RESULT! :)

Gingerbread Cake

23 Dec

Gingerbread Cake

Happy Christmas!


In case you hadn’t noticed: I am  bit different.

And that’s only one of the reasons why I had my Christmas dinner on 22 December this year!

Oh, and what a wonderful dinner it was!

Lots of good food (if I may say so), lovely people, wonderful music, good wine, candles, thoughtful gifts and after dessert – a zombie card game!

Our dessert was a gingerbread cake based on a Polish recipe with a thick chocolatey icing and homemade Christmas spice raspberry jam as filling. Very yum and (almost) as satisfying as killing a playing card zombie, I’d say! ;)

Rosemary Salt & Lemon Biscuits

29 Oct

Rosemary salt and lemon biscuits

Two of the things that happen when you’ve recently moved into a new house: people you like come to visit you (yay!) and bring presents (double-yay!) :D

The traditional present on an occasion like this is bread and salt. Wikipedia says it’s “to wish sedentary, prosperity and fertility.”* I’ll gladly just take one of these three things. Oh, and the bread and salt.

Especially when it’s fancy salt.

Like rosemary sea salt. Yum!

I just had to try it as soon as possible. So I made these rosemary salt  and lemon biscuits, taking a beautiful recipe for savoury biscuits and then “adapting” it beyond recognition. It’s what I do best! :)

The result is highly satisfactory. So now I will have to try and recreate them and also remember the recipe, so I may even be able to post it on here…



* Fancy footnote to prove I’ve used a semi-legitimate source


Linzertorte tray bake for Austria Day 2014

26 Oct

Linzertorte tray bake

Having recently moved house, I now live even further away from my home town and feel even more obliged to bring some proper (i.e. Austrian) culture to the people here. :)

And yesterday I learned that our Linzer Torte is the oldest known recipe to take its name after a place.

Two very good reasons to forego my traditional Mozartkugel muffins for Austria day and make Linzerschnitten (Linzertorte tray bake) instead!

The recipe is my dad’s wife’s, and I like it for a number of reasons, the two most important ones being that the tray bake is a) delicious and b) a lot easier to make than the original Linzer Torte.

They key convenience factor is that with this recipe, you can pipe on the dough grid with the help of a piping bag. You do not have to roll the dough into much too long sausage-like thingies and then try and weave a beautiful grid out of the awkward dough sausages.

(Alhtough now that I am writing this I feel like playing with awkward dough sausages… Next time!)

Anyway, back to this recipe. Another thing about it is that this tray bake is considerably less dry than the original torte. Personally, I like my Linzer Torte dry as hell. Linzer Torte is perfect if you have to drink cups and cups of coffee or tea with it just so you don’t suffocate. :)

But a lot of people are, for some reason, not fond of cakes which come with the risk of suffocation. (Weirdos!) And I am on a mission to bring culture to the barbarians, so I don’t want to scare them off with the very first cake. ;)


Happy Nationalfeiertag to all of you!


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