Volcano Scenery Cake for Dissertation Origami Dinosaurs

28 Feb

Volcano Cake

This last weekend, we had a double-barrelled party. It is not usually my style to combine two occasions into one party; I am much more likely to have multiple parties for one and the same occasion of course!

But. Life is what happens to other people while you’re busy planning your cakes, as the old saying goes. Also, life gets in the way. Two and a half weeks ago, it was my birthday, but I was living la vida poca at the time and therefore couldn’t celebrate properly.

And then a second party occasion had unfolded in the meantime. I finished the work on my dissertation, which left me exhausted, confused, and in possession of about 700 pages of text printed for proofreading purposes.

What does one do with all that paper? Why, make origami dinosaurs of course!


Raptorus Dissertationis





And then you have to bake a cake volcano so they feel at home. Obviously.

The ground is a white chocolate sheet cake with a dark chocolate cream, green desiccated coconut for the grass and some blue vanilla pudding for the lake.

The volcano is a lovely courgette and hazelnut cake with chocolate icing and orange vanilla pudding lava. (E numbers are your friends, remember!)



Getting the volcano shape right proved too difficult for me, as you can see. But it takes all sorts, I have learned, and why shouldn’t this apply to volcanoes as well!?

On the plus side, I had bug-shaped sugar sprinkles to add some more (and also edible) wildlife:


All in all, a cake worthy of the occasions, methinks!

New Year’s Monsters for Good Luck

23 Jan

New Years Monsters

Happy New Year!

If you haven’t spent most of January asleep and/or hungover, I don’t want to be you.

So the new year has now finally officially begun in monsterbake land, and this is why it’s time to post the monster cakes I baked for New Year’s Day.

In the German-speaking world, it’s custom to give people little pigs for good luck on New Year’s Eve, and to regift the ones you’ve received on the first days of the new year. This year, however, I spent New Year’s Day with such nice people that I really wanted to bake good-luck charms especially for them.

Problem: I cannot bake little pigs for good luck. Or for love or money.

So instead I did what I do best I am less rubbish at. I baked monster cakes. Little monsters with a hint of orange, and dark and white chocolate decoration.

If your new year hasn’t started with little monster cakes, I really don’t want to be you. :-Þ

Have a monster 2016 everybody!!

Pepernoten Christmas Cake in a Cinnamon Fir Forest

22 Dec


2015 Christmas Cake

We had our traditional (!) Christmas dinner last weekend. And would you believe it, I volunteered to bring a cake! :)

I made a pepernoten cake. Pepernoten are Dutch Christmas … biscuits? Things. Let’s agree to call them Christmas things. Also, italics.

So, yeah. Pepernoten. They taste a bit gingerbready and are very lovely. I made a quite moist sponge cake with bits of pepernoten in it. The bakpubliek liked it! :D



On top of the cake, I put loads of sparkly sugar stars. Because Christmas!


2015 Christmas Cake


For the fir forest, I’d baked cinnamon biscuits the previous day. I bought two more biscuit cutters especially because I wanted to have different shapes and sizes for the trees.



And there’s a dinosaur lurking in the forest! I didn’t have to buy an extra biscuit cutter for him, though. Surprised, are you?

Merrooooooooooooooooooaaaary Christmas!


Are you in Halloween mood yet?

21 Dec

Halloween Cake

What do you mean, I’m late? Monsterbake is never late. Or early. She blogs just when she intended to.

Or something like that.


In fact, it’s been so long since this cake was made, and consumed, that I cannot remember what kind of cake it was at all.

I can tell you it had chocolate icing.

And little sugar skulls and bones.

Not bad, eh?


Ah, Halloween. Don’t you just love it?


Happy holidays! :)

Backen für Wacken II / Wacken baking 2015

2 Aug

Wacken Muffins

By very vocal demand of a single person, I had to bake poppyseed cake for this year’s Wacken Open Air again. Last year’s seems to have gone down even better than I’d thought! :D

This year, however, I made muffins rather than a sheet cake for logistics reasons.*

Unfortunately, I did not have the time for intricate poppyseed cake decoration this time, so I made use of my lateste acquisition: food colouring pens!

In theory, you can use them to draw and write on your food without a problem.

In practice, sugar icing will break if your drawing and writing is not exquisitely tender. In addition, the colour will bleed out and blur a little over night, so you should have taken the pictures just when you were done decorating the muffins. Grrrr.


* Our driver banned fresh fruit or vegetables, as well as cakes, from his car, because he says neither are Heavy Metal. This is rubbish, of course. If these muffins are not Heavy Metal, I don’t know what is! \m/ So, anyway, I had to pack the muffins into boxes to pass his luggage inspection and smuggle the muffins on board.

As is usually the case when I break the rules, it was definitely worth it! The muffins got our gang through some very tough and very muddy times at the festival!

Big Hairy Spider Cake for my most favourite arachnophobe’s birthday

19 Jul

Big Hairy Spider Cake


It was a very special day yesterday. I do love birthdays, or any occasion for a party, as long as I have a say in the guest list. But of course my man’s birthdays are always especially special! :)

Now this man of mine happens to be a serious arachnophobe. The only thing he might fear more is having to get up early in the morning.

I want you, dear reader, to believe me that I baked this cake in order to alleviate his phobia. Because it would be really cool if somebody believed that!


Big Hairy Spider Cake


The mouse in its almondibles (hee!) was a last-minute flash of inspiration; I think it’s a very nice detail. For a given value of nice, of course.

As for the cake, it’s a chocolate cake with a cherry and cream filling and chocolate frosting, not quite a Black Forest gateau, but a bit of a Black Forest wannabe. :) I cut the cake twice, horizontally, right as it came out of the oven. Then I put the top layer into a big bowl lined with cling film in order to get the shape of the spider body.

The rest is history. And lots and lots of chocolate.


Big Hairy Spider Cake


Flowery Apricot & Coconut Roulade

7 Jul


Flowery Roulade



Yesterday was not a good day. By the later afternoon, I was seriously annoyed with … well, everything.

This everything included the fact that I had not tackled any serious baking projects in a while, and with a special birthday coming up, I felt I really needed to get into the game again!

Among the things I had never made before were roulades, mostly because I am not a big fan of them myself. But, well, somebody likes them…

The other reason to make a roulade was the cake pattern thing I’d read about. I am not sure you can see it in my pictures, but the flowers are not on top of the roulade but baked into the cake instead. What you do is make a very small batch of batter, add food colouring, pipe shapes onto baking parchment, freeze it, and then pour the regular batter on top of the frozen batter pattern.



Flowery Roulade



I think the shapes turned out quite nicely. A tad too cute for my taste, but what can you do!? ;)

I did not want to use cream for the roulade filling because of current temperatures, so I made a sort of coconut pudding and added apricots. I think the combination works rather well.

Did my mood improve when I made the roulade, you ask? Well, food colouring usually helps. :D