Old: a logo cake

20 Aug


Ladies and gentlement, may I present to you: a cake with the logo of the sports club I’m a member with!

It’s a phoenix, and there were times when I was decorating the cake when I wished we just a a blob or a simple stripe as a logo. But I think the effort was worth it. I copied the logo onto a plastic sheet and then used a stanley knife (utility knife, cardboard cutter; I’m not at home outside the kitchen! :-P) to cut it out so I had a template stencil sort of thing for the dark chocolate icing.

This was also my first home-made recipe designed on paper. I often bake without a recipe but that’s usually me standing in the kitchen throwing things into a bowl, and then mixing and baking them. This recipe was thought through and made up especially for this logo cake. Because the logo colours are black and white, the cake is a very dark chocolate cake with a whitish cream filling. I’ve been told it tasted nice, too. I take it as a good sign that it was gone within minutes. :)


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