Don’t Stop Me Now Chocolate & Chilli Fairy Cakes

5 Sep

It’s Freddie Mercury’s birthday today. Congratulations, man. We miss you.

I made a little something for Freddie’s birthday. I call them Don’t Stop Me Now Fairy Cakes because I said I was going on a two-week baking hiatus… yet it seems I don’t want to be stopped!

Don't Stop Me Now Chocolate & Chili Cupcakes

I want it all - sweet & hot

The other reason I made them is that I am going away tomorrow morning without my husband, which means that he will be without cake for at least 12 days. I am afraid of what the detox is going to do to him!

For the topping of these cakes I used home-made dark chocolate spread. Another bit of life support for hubby for the next days… :) Which reminds me, the other day one of my mates was eating a piece of cake and said, “In a way, I really envy your husband.” Love that he had to add “in a way”. Made me feel really special! :-P

Anyway, happy birthday Freddie.


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