Wasabi and Sesame Towers

17 Sep


The other day, I found wasabi paste in a shop, which made me think of … HOT WASABI MINI MUFFINS! And as you can see from the picture and the title of this blog entry, that’s EXACTLY what I made.

Wasabi and Sesame Towers

I cannot give you a recipe but here’s a really useful plan:

Step 1: Make up recipe for Hot Wasabi Mini Muffins. Prepare your mini muffin tin.

Step 2: Bake a batch of Hot Wasabi Mini Muffins. Be disappointed with the result. Revoke the capitalisation and set your hot wasabi mini muffins aside.

Step 3: Add sesame to the remaining batter, spoon the mixture into a baking tray and bake it.

Step 4: Combine the leftover wasabi paste with cream cheese, a few drops of green food colouring for good measure and a few spices to make a nice and spicy topping for your Wasabi and Sesame Squares. Cut the tray bake into said squares. Try one. Be disappointed with the result. Set aside your wasabi and sesame squares, but not as far aside as the muffins.

Step 5: Ponder.

Step 6: Combine squares to make little towers, sprinkle with sesame. Be slightly less disappointed.

Step 7: Take pictures, write your blog entry, serve them to your mates as squares nevertheless (because there aren’t enough to make a nice number of towers), and never bake them again.



PS: They weren’t that bad. Just not as exciting as I had hoped. My mates still liked them, and the mini muffins are edible, too. Again, just not that exciting.








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