Zombie Brains Brownies Cookies

22 Sep

It’s time for some gore again! Today,  I was going to bake Zombie Brains chocolate squares which, sadly, turned out as Zombie Brains Brownie Cookies but hey, you can’t always win. (Darn, I just lost The Game!) At least I got the lovely man at my side to take some cool pictures!

Zombie Brains Brownie Cookies


As I said, the base is a sort of brownie cookie – interestingly enough, they weren’t even supposed to be brownies but regular not-too-exciting chocolate squares. Somehow the baking was a weird process today though. In the end, turning them into cookies was the best way in my humble opinion. And since I was all alone in the kitchen, it was only my opinion that counted. I am the sole ruler and tyrannt of my very own little empire!


Back to the baking.

I had an elaborate recipe for a special chocolate icing because I thought regular melted chocolate was too mundane. That’s another thing that went wrong today. So the icing has now been turned into lovely chocolate truffles, and there’s regular melted chocolate on my weird brownie cookies. The zombie brains are walnuts with several layers of greenish sugar icing. They were supposed to be grey but NOTHING EVER GOES RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Grrrr. At least the blood looks cool.

Zombie Brains Brownie Cookies

Zombie Brains Brownie Cookies

I am kind of happy with the result now. Nobody has to know that nothing went the way it was planned, do they? It’s not like that many people are reading this blog. ;)

I am also rather happy with the presentation, if I may say so. This is the perfect occasion for my Fold-Your-Own-Zombie calendar which I got from a very dear friend. (I know you’re reading this. I would still have called you a very dear friend if you didn’t, you know. ;) You can see it in the background of the photos, and thanks to the calendar we even have our very own zombie waiter for tonight’s feast:

Zombie Brains Brownie Cookies Waiter

Today's special: braaaaaiiins!!

Our friends are arriving any minute now. We’re going to watch Dead Set tonight. Yay! Braaaaaiins!


Update: I was inspired to do the zombie brains when I saw this blog; forgot to mention that before. Also: Dead Set. Watch it if you like zombie films or TV series. I really enjoyed it.



One Response to “Zombie Brains Brownies Cookies”

  1. Claudia 23/09/2011 at 6:12 AM #

    Bwahahahaha! It’s good to know you’re putting my gifts to such excellent use!

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