Beetroot Brownies

25 Sep

Beetroot Brownies

It’s Sunday, and if that’s not enough of an occasion, we are also having friends round. Brownies time! In this special case: Beetroot Brownies time! Yes, I know it sounds strange. And I tried out the recipe because it sounded strange in the first place. But what can I say, they are DELICIOUS*. Out of the two people in this household, one claims you can’t really taste the beetroot at all; you can tell there’s something but you’d never be able to pinpoint it. The other person says the brownies are really nice but too much beetroot for his taste and I should try making them with a bit less beetroot next time around.

We both agree that the texture is lovely. It’s so moist and chocolatey and … I must admit that while I am usually quite wary of “healthy” cake recipes I was quite astonished when I realised that in terms of brownies, this one’s an actual lower-calorie recipe. Yes, it still uses lots of chocolate and sugar. We’re talking cake. Give me a cake recipe without sugar or fat and I am giving you … dunno. An arrogant snort, most likely.

These brownies do not taste like they’re lower (not low! lower!) in calories, and that’s the most important thing. Food that tastes low in calories is bad enough, but there’s seriously nothing worse than cakes that taste of little calories. [/rant]

Finally, here’s the link to the recipe: Beetroot Brownies. I’ve changed it a little bit; me still not owning a food processor I simply bought soft-cooked beetroot and grated it, and I melted the chocolate and butter in a bain-marie.

When we’re having our grown-up Sunday afternoon coffee & cakes later, I won’t tell our friends what the secret ingredient is. Can’t wait to see whether they’ll be able to guess it!

* Yes, shout-worthy delicious. Do feel free, however, to read all-upper-case words in Pterry’s Death’s voice. IT’S FUN. HAH. HAH.




Our friends did guess the secret ingredient. I am not trying to say my husband was right because that would just be silly. But I must admit that this morning, when I opened the box in which the brownies have spent their night, the smell of beetroot was overwhelming and not entirely pleasant. I still love the taste, though. But I might actually use slightly less of the evil healthy stuff next time I bake them.




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