Old: Bomb Cake

30 Sep

I’ve found an old cake picture today! This one’s from back in 2005, when we were younger and probably prettier and more idealistic and … making bomb cakes! :D
Bomb Cake

My partner and I baked this cake for the birthday of our friend who’s in the habit of blowing things up. I’m not kidding. This guy is dangerous.

As for the cake, if I remember correctly it was a chocolate cake. It was dusted with cocoa powder and a bit of icing sugar, and the powder fuse was something covered in chocolate. Not very specific, I know. Come on, it’s been six years – I’m glad if I can roughly remember what happened 6 minutes ago.



One Response to “Old: Bomb Cake”

  1. Armin 30/09/2011 at 9:14 AM #

    well….wondering about those strange friends you have….never seen any dangerous guy in your closeness before ;-) ….frightened….

    but let´s just say, it was the most amazing and fantastic tasting birthday cake since then

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