Sea Life Cake

2 Oct

Sea Life Cake

This could have been a shark attack cake. But it’s not. It’s a Happy Sea Life cake.

Are you worried I am getting soft? That my age is finally catching up with me? That I am becoming … *shudder* sensible and adapted?

Sorry for scaring you like that. Rest assured, I’m not growing up. I’m just acknowledging that I am married to a grown-up, and it was his family’s reunion thing that I baked the cake for. So I did without the blood and guts this time. The things you do when you’re in love!

The base and the shark are lemon cakes; the sea is a mixture of blueberries, cream and some icing sugar. For the octopuses and fishies I baked simple biscuits and iced them with coloured sugar icing.

The children at the family reunion LOVED the cake, which was the desired result, so I am really quite satisfied. Still feels weird to use my beloved shark cake mould without the usual large quantities of red food colouring for the mayhem though …

Sea Life Cake pic2


Sea Life Cake pic3





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