Sesame and vanilla cake

12 Oct

Sesame and vanilla cake

There are thousands of reasons to bake a cake. I think I may have discovered most of them, and experienced them myself. Including anger, pain, fear, aggression* … and Wednesday.
The reasons for today’s cake is mostly so that it can be destroyed and be turned into crumbs for tomorrow’s project. A noble death, methinks.

Nevertheless, the cake is lovely and I shall bake it again for simple mundane eating purposes. The taste is not intense but if you like sesame seeds and vanilla, this is one for you. In a spate of creativity, I whipped up some honey drizzle and served the cake – the part of it that was designated to be eaten – with the drizzle plus white chocolate shavings. And I am glad to tell you that this combination has been approved by today’s designated cake critics.

Sesame and vanilla cake with honey drizzle

Serving suggestion. :)

You can find the recipe on lemonpi’s blog.

Now, I hope you are anxious to know what happened to the cake crumbs. This, my dear children, is tomorrow’s story…



* It’s a quote. I hope you recognised it. If not, shame on you.


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