Spider Biscuits

31 Oct

Spider Biscuit

Happy Hallowe’en all around!

Having lived in Germany for the past few years, I’ve watched this holiday emerge here, and I’ve always been very sceptical. You see, there’s no Hallowe’en tradition here. It’s only been introduced quite recently by companies selling chocolate/candy/costumes/… and, well, call me old-fashioned but it all just seems too commercial for my taste. (There are traditional holidays around this time of the year here, but they are celebrated in a very, very different kind of way; pumpkins and costumes and candy are nothing to do with it at all.)

But this year I realised what a great baking occasion Hallowe’en is, and since I am not selling my stuff, my Hallowe’en is not commercial. :)

I made these biscuits for the kids in the family. They are filled with peanut butter and chocolate, a combination that seems so American to me that I thought it was appropriate. :) The spiders on top are dark chocolate, and they were MUCH harder to do than I had anticipated. And I don’t think I’ve emphasised the “much” enough in that sentence. I seriously struggled with the melted chocolate, and you can see from the picture below that some biscuits have mutant spiders on them. But then that goes with the whole Hallowe’en theme again, doesn’t it?


Spider Biscuits


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