Chocolate and peanut butter cake // Orange & fromage frais sponge cake

7 Nov

I was hosting a dinner party last night. I just love cooking for other people and – surprise! – I have friends who love eating. :)

Last night’s starter was a spicy pumpkin soup with mango, apricot & coriander chutney mini muffins (based on the recipe of my curry mini muffins); the main course was a braised beef pie –  and for dessert I couldn’t decide which cake to bake. So I baked two. Makes sense, right?

Now, the first cake had to be a chocolate and peanut butter cake. As an avid reader of my blog ;) you know that I was unhappy with the chocolate and peanut butter cake recipe I tried out when I made the cake cups last week. I found it was too dry and overall underwhelming. So I went on a recipe hunt. And I found one that … well, let’s just say that this cake is NOT. DRY. I’m reluctant to post the recipe because I fear I might gain weight merely typing out the list of ingredients… also, I don’t seem to be able to find the original recipe anymore, so I can’t credit the creative mastermind who came up with this new definition of a rich cake. Sigh. I’m sorry; I’m a bit useless today.

Anyway, here it is:

Chocolate and peanut butter cake

Chocolate and peanut butter cake


Cake number two had to be lighter and fruitier, for balance’s sake and because I said so. I went for a sponge cake that’s topped with a layer of fresh, filleted oranges and an orangey fromage frais topping on top. Topped with a topping on top. That’s how this cake rolls.

Orange fromage frais sponge cake

Orange fromage frais sponge cake


It’s hard to decide which cake I liked better. The orange cake may be the winner because a second slice won’t make you feel sick. On the other hand, “a second helping will make you feel sick” could be considered as the very definition of an awesome cake, couldn’t it?



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