Lime Bundt Cake

13 Nov

Lime Bundt Cake

Yeeeees, I said I had given up on the lime & yoghurt cake recipe… And I have. I never said I wasn’t going to try out a different recipe though!

So here we go. Sunday afternoon, coffee with our friends and lime bundt cake.

Recipe? Ah, there’s the rub. No such thing. I don’t even remember what went into the cake batter. I’m quite sure there were limes involved. But then that’s about it. (Not enough sleep, too many things I have to think about at the same time, not enough brain capacity. Sad story. But true.)

What’s more important: I really liked the cake. The texture was good; the taste of limes could have been slightly more intense but was still delightful.

And now I think I am going on a lime hiatus. In the next two weeks, I will probably have to do some more pumpkin baking to conclude my pumpkin fest, and I have three more ideas floating around in my weird little head. So stay tuned! :D


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