Zombie Eyes Fairy Cakes

19 Nov

Zombie Eyes Fairy Cakes


Once more, it was zombie film night. Once more, I baked a little something for my zombie film mates in desperate need of sugar. This time, however, the idea was not originally mine: Zombie Eyes Fairy Cakes.

You may have seen them as Hallowe’en eyeball cupcakes ā€“ at least that’s where I first saw similar cakes. But then I already had my baking ideas for Hallowe’en; and who needs Hallowe’en anyway if you’ve got zombie film nights!?


Zombie Eyes Fairy Cakes


For these little cuties I baked poppyseed & raspberry cakes, iced them with white chocolate, and decorated them with jelly sweets, brown sugar icing and red food colouring. It took me forever to get the veins the way I wanted them but I think it was worth it. :)


Here's looking at you kid

Here's looking at you kid


The film we watched was Wasting Away, by the way. Hilarious! Totally enjoyed it. It’s about zombies who aren’t aware of the fact that they’re zombies, and the way their perception of the world is portrayed is just too funny.


What I found slightly worrying about these cakes though: put two of them on a big white plate and and what you get looks just like I did this morning!

monsterbake's face

Blood-shot eyes, dark circles around the eyes, as pale as a ghost - it's early-morning me, on a plate!


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