Kiwifruit Volcanoes

22 Jan

We’ve had a New-Zealand themed evening with friends – if you’re fed up with me going on about all things kiwi, tough luck. It’ll be a while before I stop talking about that amazing country or even having kiwi-themed evenings! :-P

So anyway. Kiwi-themed baking. Kiwifruit was an obvious choice – as are the volcanoes (at least for anyone who’s gone hiking on the North Island before!)

I used my cake cup baking tin for the base. The cakes are simple light sponge cakes with an ever so tiny hint of lemon. The lava is made from puréed kiwifruit, icing sugar and biscuits crumbs.

kiwifruit volcanoesKiwifruit volcanoes: rather less dangerous than Mount Ruapehu but arguably more delicious! :)


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