(Meta-)Kiwi Biscuits

29 Jan

Another Kiwi-themed evening with friends, another Kiwi baking idea. This time, I’m working on many levels. Because I’m cool like that. :-P

First of all, please gather round and admire my kiwifruit biscuits!

Kiwifruit Biscuits

I’ve used my nana’s biscuit recipe but filled them with my home-made apple & kiwifruit jam (rather than apricot jam). For the pretty kiwifruit design I used coloured sugar icing and black sesame seeds. I must admit I am really chuffed about the result, definitely well worth the backaches and all the swearing which decorating the biscuits caused!

Kiwifruit Biscuit

Next up:
Kiwi kiwi biscuits, featuring a home-made biscuit cutter!

Kiwi kiwi biscuit

Kiwi* kiwi** biscuit

* I’ve tried a recipe from a NZ-cookbook but you can tell that I didn’t get the dough exactly right; the biscuits taste nice but I’m not happy with the cracked surface. They are also a bit on the dark side*** and SO MANY beaks broke off in the process of making these biscuits, the kitchen looked like the site a right beak massacre. Clumsy baking ahoy!

** If you can’t tell why it’s not only a Kiwi but also a kiwi biscuit, then either I’ve screwed up or you are a bit blind. I like to believe in the latter.

*** If you made Darth Vader breathing sounds when you first read that, you’re my friend! :)


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