Yummy intestines

3 Feb

You know, food photography is not easy. This is something I know from my own experience, and yes, I am aware that a number of photos on this blog also bear witness to this fact, thankyouverymuch. To be honest, I have had posts that never saw the light of day because I didn’t want to blog about something I’d baked without a picture – but neither did I want to publish really horrible photos. (You have NOT seen the really horrible ones, believe you me.) It bugs me that delicious food can look absolutely disgusting in a picture.

So it’s nice when you’ve got something that’s supposed to look a bit gross anyway. Kinda sorta like when you bake…

… intestines!
Yummy intestines

It’s a puff pastry strudel sort of thing with a hazelnut and chocolate filling, and the blood is red food colouring. Although I guess I could have used raspberry or strawberry jam as well. In any case, I’ve been told that it tasted nice.

For 15 monsterbake points, guess whether I baked this for our horror film group! :)

Now all that’s left to do is give you the link to the blog I got the idea from: The Knead for Speed. Here you go. That’s it from me for today. Good fight, good night!


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