an announcement of sorts

11 Feb

It was my birthday yesterday, and I spent it the best way I could think of: baking. :D

It’s husband’s birthday today, and we’re having a party tonight. It has become a kind of tradition that for our birthdays, we’re forcing our respective circles of friends to sit together in one room. :D But we’re also providing large quantities of food and alcohol, so most of them cope with the situation quite well – and do come back the next year, so I’m assuming it’s not that bad for them. :)

And I must admit that this party is also one of, if not the baking highlight of the year for me. I have been planning the birthday cakes for MONTHS. Obsessed? Me? Nah. I’ve started work on my list of Christmas presents for this year. It’s all quite normal, I can assure you!

So I have baked grown-up, respectable cakes for my grown-up, respectable friends.

And I have baked … other cakes. For my other* friends. :D

I really hope the pictures turn out well; I can’t wait to show them to you! Wheeee!

* You know who you are! :-Þ


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