Creature Feature Cakes for a rather less grown-up birthday! :)

13 Feb

You should know by now that I am a woman of refined taste. Especially, might I say, when it comes to cinema. I only watch really artistic films; life’s too short for anything less than … say …

Lake Placid cake


For the uninitiated: shame on you. Watch this trailer and then go and buy the DVD so you can watch the whole film. Do it. Now.

So yes, this year’s feature cakes for our birthdays were actual feature cakes: creature feature cakes. :D I had more fun making them than should be allowed to have! :)

This cake’s a courgette cake, a family recipe and one of my all-time favourites. It’s very moist and lovely and slightly cinnamony. Yum. The croc is a toy, lazy me did not carve one out of marzipan or so … And the lake is made from water, sugar, food colouring and lots of gelatine. Not an easy feat for somebody with my capacity for patience but I pulled myself together and everything worked out nicely in the end!

However! Crocs are obviously not the only creatures who eat humans on the big screen.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, behold

Sharktopus biscuit


Again, if you don’t know Sharktopus, your life is not as cool as it ought to be. Trust me. You know that you want to watch it.

The sharktopus is a vanilla biscuit rather than a cake but it looks cool and it’s yummy, AND it’s deadly on both ends! :D

I used my shark biscuit cutter and my octopus biscuit cutter for these cool little creatures, then cut off the biscuit dough shark tails and octopus heads and stuck the rest together before baking. A slightly tedious job, but it helps if you giggle maniacally.

Sharktopus biscuits

You and whose army? – Me and my sharktopus army!

The third creature feature baking project was actually where the original idea for this theme came from. Last year I baked a snake cake together with a friend, so the only logical next step was …

Snakes On A Plane cake

Snakes on a Plane!

It’s actually called “Enough is enough cake” because I’m cool like that, dropping famous film quotes and all. :)

The plane is a lemon tray bake with LOTS of lemon sugar icing and seriously unyummy rice paper for the windows – but it was the right colour, and I think the taste is not strong enough to spoil the cake.

I baked a cocoa and coconut cake for the snakes and covered them in white chocolate cream cheese icing with lots and lots of added food colouring.


Right, that’s it for today. I’m off to plan next year’s birthday cakes… ;) All that’s left to say is:


3 Responses to “Creature Feature Cakes for a rather less grown-up birthday! :)”

  1. Elena 13/02/2012 at 1:39 PM #

    The biscuits were lush! ;-)


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