Flourless Almond & Spinach Cake

5 Apr

It’s Maundy Thursday, a day on which we traditionally eat spinach.

It’s also zombie film night Thursday, a day on which I traditionally bake cake.

And one plus one equals …

Flourless almond cake with spinach

Flourless almond & spinach cake

This recipe spent months on my to-do list, and today was the perfect day to finally give it a go.

The topping is made from almonds, cream and white chocolate, which works well with the hint of lemon in the almond cake, so all in all it’s not too sweet I’d say. The spinach is mostly in there to make it moist, and to give the cake a bit of a green colour, which is always a good colour for cake.

What makes this recipe an even better choice for today is that the partner of the friend who’s hosting tonight’s film night is gluten intolerant, so with this flourless cake I’m hoping she can for once have a piece of cake with the rest of us.

However… I’m not entirely sure whether this cake will be made again. It’s nice and all, but it hasn’t triggered enough enthusiasm in me so far. I guess it depends on what my mates say when they try it tonight.*

* They’ll probably say, “I want more beer.” But I will make them comment on the cake as well!


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