Almond Breakfast Muffins with Strawberry & Pimm’s Jam

7 Apr

Almond breakfast muffin with strawberry & Pimm's jam

You may be awfully surprised to hear that in our house, there’s usually no food shortage. Even more surprising: there’s even more food than usual when we are having people over. I know. You wouldn’t have suspected that.

We’re having family round for Easter, and I baked something for them. (Today really is the day of shocking news!) Breakfast muffins. I had to make them especially as we don’t usually do breakfast. You can have all the coffee you could possibly want, but we never have any bread or cereal or whatever it is you people eat in the mornings. Except for cake. We sometimes have cake. :)

I must admit, however, that these breakfast muffins haven’t been planned. I was going to bake Easter cakes for tomorrow, but this new recipe I wanted to try out produced the driest cakes. (The recipe did, not me! ;) So I really didn’t want to serve them for our Easter Sunday afternoon coffee. But I don’t throw away food either. What to do then with the dry muffincakethingies?

Enter my home-made strawberry & Pimm’s jam. Nice, sweet, yummy, slightly alcoholic jam. The perfect addition to my dry almond muffins!

I cut off the tops of the muffins, filled them with 2 tablespoons of jam each, put the tops back on again and drizzled them with a bit of melted white chocolate.

The result? Well, I like to believe that you can’t tell that the muffins are really cake disaster prevention. Win! :)


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