Chocca Mocca Caramel Cake

17 Apr

I’m a big fan of the BBC GoodFood website; I could browse through their recipes all day long! And I simply had to try this one, if simply for the cool name: Chocca Mocca Caramel Cake. :)

The cake is very sweet (even though I’ve reduced the amount of sugar) and lovely and choccy-moccy and caramelly. You should definitely bake one yourself. The only tricky bit is getting the right caramel chocolate here on the continent. But then again I guess any caramel chocolate will do. The texture of your cake may be a bit different but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, does it?

Alternatively, come round to my house and see if you’ve been quick enough (and if I like you enough) to get a piece. You will have to be very quick though. And very likeable. ;)


Chocca Mocca Caramel Cake

The picture on the GoodFood website looks so good that I thought I could never live up to, let alone compete with it. Until I realised that I can make a cake picture infinitely more awesome by including my wind-up dinosaur toy. I win! :D



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