Strawberry Chocolate Cake

18 Apr

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

You know what’s sad? I can’t tell you whether this cake is/was as yum as it looks (if I may say so) because I didn’t eat it. I gave it away. [sad face]

A friend helped me out the other day, and foolish as I am I asked her how I could return the favour. :) Nah, I don’t mind that cake seems to be the strongest, or at least most wanted currency among my friends. I can imagine worse scenarios!*

This is a chocolate sponge cake with a chocolate, cream and strawberry filling. Not exactly low in calories but my friend exercises so much, she needs all the chocolate she can get! :)

By the way, I actually used a recipe from a cookbook for this cake. And it went horribly wrong. So I made up my own chocolate sponge cake on the spot. Problem solved! Apparently I have come to a point where I bake better improvised impromptu cakes than with an actual official recipe.  I don’t know whether I should be worried or proud! Probably a bit of both…

* I can imagine much, much worse scenarios. You do not want to know what’s going on in my head. Seriously.


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