Ferocious Panda Fairy Cake

19 Apr

There’s this really persistent mate of mine whose birthday it was last week. And for weeks before that, he’d been pestering me about panda fairy cakes. He saw some on one of the websites he spends way too much time on and decided that’s what he wanted for his birthday from me.

Do I look like the fairy godmother? I don’t make dreams come true. When are people going to understand this? I am happy to crush all your dreams any day. Anything else I’m not in charge of! :-Þ


I am such a pushover. BUT! The rebel in me refused to bake a cute panda. That’s something, right? This does make me a tiny bit cool, doesn’t it? ;)

Ferocious Panda fairy cake


Anger is what I do best. :)

I baked a cocoa and hazelnut fairy cake, iced it with white chocolate and used biscuits for the ears. The face is dark and white chocolate, and the blood is red food colouring.

Usually I’d be annoyed because the white chocolate went all spotty when it cooled but in this case, that’s fine. Angry panda has acne. You’d be angry too. :D



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