White and Dark Chocolate Beer Mug Cake

28 Apr

white and dark chocolate beer mug cake

For tonight’s party I am accessorizing with a double chocolate cake which looks like a mug of beer! If it weren’t for all my faults, that could easily make me the perfect woman! :D

I’ve used this recipe for my cake. Yes, another one from GoodFood. Have I mentioned that I am a fan of that website?

Some adaptations had to be made for the beer mug cake though. I used 2.5 times the quantities and a smaller tin (17 cm) so that I would get a nice big stack of cake layers. And I baked the cake layers separately, which took forever (as I only have one round cake tin the right size) but I think it was worth it!

For the decorations, I made some more of the ganache but with white chocolate instead, plus yellow food colouring. E numbers are my friends!

The mug handle is made from marzipan. I attached it to the cake with the help of wooden skewers. The glass bottom is a strip of marzipan; and the foam is whipped cream.

I am quite happy with the cake – especially considering all the thousands of things that could have gone wrong! Now the only massively scary potential for disaster left lies in the fact that I have to get the beer mug cake to my friend’s house…

PS: I have been told that you can’t really tell the size of the cake from the photo… It wasn’t very small. The cake layers are 17 cm in diameter; all in all the cake was about 20 cm high. And it weighed about a ton. And it was NOT easy to transport, but it made it to my friend’s house safely. Phew!


2 Responses to “White and Dark Chocolate Beer Mug Cake”

  1. Ina 13/05/2012 at 12:35 PM #

    Schaue immer wieder mit Spannung nach neuen Einträgen hier. Der Bierkrug-Post: genial! Vatertagsgeschenk gebongt. Danke für die Inspiration :-)

    • monsterbake 14/05/2012 at 12:08 PM #

      Bitte gerne! :D Freut mich sehr, dass er dir gefällt.

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