Honey and Nuts Birthday Chocolates

30 Apr

honey and nuts birthday chocolates

Yay, it’s another birthday today! I made chocolates! Happy days. :)

These are white chocolates (as I hope you can tell from the picture ;) which I filled with a slightly decadent white-chocolatey and buttery honey and nut filling and sprinkled with dark chocolate because I think it looks nice*. :)

You know, depending on my mood I find it hilarious or infuriating respectively when food bloggers claim their sweets and cakes are “healthy” because they contain nuts or honey. It might make the stuff slightly healthier – as opposed to pure butter dipped in sugar, for example. But come on! Seriously!? Yes, some honey and a few nuts are good for you but if chocolates and cakes are your main source of them, there’s something you might be getting wrong…

Anyway. I am not going to say these chocolates are healthy. They are, however, yum*. Win! :)

* Nice looking and yum? Yes, they were when I made them. But I had to mail them to my friend because he lives too far away; no idea what state they are in when he gets them!


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