That’s-No-Moon Cakes for Star Wars Day

4 May


A while back, I saw this baking mould, and the second thing I thought was, “Ooh! Pretty mini cakes!” – Because the first thing was, “DEATH STAR CAKES!”

So I bought the baking mould and I have made some pretty mini cakes – but of course I have been waiting for today to finally put it to the use that the Force wants me to put it to. :)

That's-No-Moon-Cake for Star Wars Day

For Star Wars Day, I have bullied my zombie film group into watching the trilogy with me. (There are only three Star Wars films in my world. As far as I am concerned, no prequels exist. And neither do remastered versions of the original films.) So, I am baking cakes for the group again.

One thing you should know about my film group mates: like the manly men they are, they are deeply in love with unhealthy foods. It was only last week that they all agreed that any delicious kind of food could be improved by deep-frying it. And then they discussed whether something deep-fried could be improved by deep-frying it a second time.

So when I saw this recipe for a mayonnaise cake, I immediately thought of them. I personally find mayonnaise quite disgusting. I don’t like the taste, and the texture seriously disgusts me. But then I didn’t bake these cakes for me, and I must admit that (slightly) yuck ingredients are one of the items on my loooong list of reasons to bake. :)

In defence of Cukrowa Wróżka, please let me point out that the cakes are not disgusting at all. I made a trial run cake earlier this week and glazed it with a hazelnut glaze – lovely. Not overwhelming, though. I do have nicer cake recipes in my collection. But hey, that wasn’t the point.

I’ve used a vanilla icing with a dash of black food colouring to decorate the cakes. I ran out of time doing the decoration so it’s not as nice as I’d hoped but that’s life for you. Deal with it you must. :)

Happy Star Wars Day to all of you!


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