Chocolate and Coconut TV Set Truffles

10 May

TV truffles

Today is a very special day. We’re witnessing a decisive moment in history: our mate Thomas is getting a TV.

In case you’re a bit underwhelmed by this bit of news, let me explain to you how this is both good and bad news for me and my zombie film gang.

What’s good is that we now have one more person in our group at whose house we can meet up for our film nights. I don’t think that his TV is going to be better than our other friend’s big screen, so we’ll probably not go to his house all that often, but hey, it’s nice to have options. :)

On the other hand we have one less thing to tease Thomas about. Sad story. All we can hope for, really, is that his football team does worse next season, so we can annoy him with stupid comments about that.

Eek, did I just mention the f-word on my blog!? Monsterbake’s really going downhill…

Anyway, so I made little TV sets for my mate. They’re chocolate and coconut truffles, basically made from a sort of ganache with desiccated coconut and covered in milk chocolate. The TV screens and buttons (old-fashioned, I know!) are sugar icing, and I’ve used my uber-cool shark sugar sprinkles* to very subtly let him know what he should be watching on his new TV. :)

TV truffles

* They don’t come in zombie. Although they really, really, really should.


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