Mini Bottles of Zombie Potion, DNA and Stuff

31 May

You know, I’m a fairly clever person. I notice stuff. Like that there is ALWAYS a green liquid in horror films.

There was a weird green liquid in Sharktopus. I am sure it was very important.

And of course there’s the famous green stuff in Wasting Away! And … dunno. When we talked about it the other day, we came up with lots of other examples.

I don’t know whether there’ll be green potions in tonight’s bad film but I know if there are, it’ll be essential to the film. So I went ahead and baked mini bottles of zombie potion and/or “DNA and stuff”.*

Green Stuff Bottle Biscuits


They are ginger biscuits filled with some of my rhubarb and ginger jam. The icing is royal icing.  Yes, I have produced my very first batch of royal icing today. Not so exciting. But still. It’s green; that makes it a little exciting. :)

And I finally used the biscuit cutters my friend gave me a while back. They are supposed to be perfume flacons. But zombie liquids and DNA and stuff are cooler!

* A quote. From Sandsharks. It’s okay if you didn’t recognise it.


2 Responses to “Mini Bottles of Zombie Potion, DNA and Stuff”

  1. Tina 31/05/2012 at 9:01 PM #

    Gibt es einen Smiley, der grinsend den Kopf schüttelt?

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