Elderflower Drizzle Union Jack Diamond Jubilee Muffins

5 Jun

The longer the name of a cake, the more awesomer! :D


Elderflower drizzle Union Jack Diamond Jubilee muffin

I thought I wasn’t going to bake anything Jubilee-themed because my friend hosted our official Jubilee party, and she did all the awesome baking. We had the most delicious scones and Victoria sponge. Heaven!

However, another friend of mine is coming round today for her English conversation class, and I can’t be teaching English on a day like today without offering Jubilee-themed refreshments, can I!?

I made vanilla muffins, then poked holes in them and drizzled them with a mixture of elderflower syrup, champagne and icing sugar. And then I used coloured sugar icing (again with a hint of elderflower) to paint Union Jacks onto them.

If you haven’t had a Jubilee party yet, I’d say it isn’t too late! Go dress up as queen or princess now. :D


One Response to “Elderflower Drizzle Union Jack Diamond Jubilee Muffins”

  1. Renate Schäfer 12/06/2012 at 3:39 PM #

    My husband and I did really enjoy these muffins because we like elderflower. Just carry on.

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