Grasshopper Squares

6 Jun

Grasshopper square

Yes, I am late. I actually made these last weekend but … you know, life gets in the way. (Yes, I have one of those!)

So these are my grasshopper squares. I was asked to bake a cake for a birthday party and I had been wanting to try out this recipe for a long time, AND I had peppermint extract. It was a definitely a sign from the Fates! :)

It’s another recipe from GoodFood, and it’s another heavenly one. At least in my humble opinion.

I doubled the quantities, which led to a minor shock when I saw how much chocolate I was going to need, but then again nothing with that much chocolate in it can be bad for you, right?

And I actually followed the instructions in the recipe to a T. I was so incredibly patient, waiting for the chocolate mixtures to cool off properly and everything. Unbelievable. Am I actually growing up!? It’s a scary idea; however, I have been rewarded. Doesn’t my grasshopper square looks almost exactly as GoodFood’s? And again, I thought the taste was rather divine.

You can’t tell I really, really like that stuff, can you? :)


4 Responses to “Grasshopper Squares”

  1. Claudia 07/06/2012 at 5:30 PM #

    Omnomnom! Me likey!

  2. Tina 13/06/2012 at 8:00 PM #

    Ich schließ mich Claudia an: Omnomnom! Klingt richtig gut.


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    […] told my friend about my grasshopper squares the other day and she was really intrigued, and I love it when I can intrigue people. Also, […]

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