UEFA Euro baking: Tompoes

13 Jun


Usually I don’t watch a lot of football but I do like my Euro and world cups. It’s a wonderful occasion to live and breathe all my prejudices – and to upset all my German friends by rooting for the Netherlands! :)

I must say that I also quite enjoy looking at the various traditional national recipes. How come I have never done that before!? So anyway, after my pasteis de nata, my next project was today’s tompoes.

These puff pastry thingies filled with a vanilla cream are a typically Dutch thing. The recipe itself isn’t very complicated, but there is at least one fairly tricky step along the way. Cutting up hot puff pastry fresh from the oven is no fun, I’m telling you!

This is how I made them: I bought ready-made puff pastry and cut the sheet into rectangles. (My tompoes does not come in the traditional size; I made my rectangles smaller so that they’d be easier to eat.)

Then I brushed the puff pastry with a bit of beaten egg and baked it at 200° C for 13 minutes. I assumed it would make more sense/be slightly less hard to separate the puff pastry layers immediately after baking, so I burnt my fingers a little bit but it was worth it!

For the filling I just made some custard from store-bought powder. Makes me sound incredibly lazy, I know. But seriously, puff pastry and custard are two things that I might buy ready-made until the day I die. Which will be in 2072, when somebody pushes my wheelchair off a cliff. But that’s a different story.

When both the custard and the puff pastry pieces had cooled off, I spread the former onto the bottom halves of the latter. Then I iced the pastry tops with sugar icing. The traditional thing is to have white or pink icing but if you’re making them to support the Elftal (the Dutch national football team), you might as well make it orange.

Oranje booooooven! :)


2 Responses to “UEFA Euro baking: Tompoes”

  1. Tina 13/06/2012 at 7:58 PM #

    Oranje boven!

  2. Claudia 14/06/2012 at 6:36 PM #

    Looks extremely cool! What did you use to color the icing?
    Telephone tomorrow…? I think we need to discuss your plans for 2072. My 93th birthday is in 2072 and I was counting on you to make the cake!

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