UEFA Euro baking: blue and white honey and nuts muffins

22 Jun


Blue and white honey and nuts muffins

Tonight, Germany are playing against Greece in the UEFA Euro quarter finals.

My kickboxing trainers are Greeks living in Germany.

If the Greek team loses tonight, they’ll make us do at least 300 extra press-ups tomorrow.

If the Greek team wins tonight, they’ll still make us do at least 300 extra press-ups tomorrow.

And then they’ll make us do some more, just for the fun of it. Not trying to be too philosophical ;) but it’s really an Alien vs. Predator kind of situation: Whoever wins… we lose.


So, the least I can do is bake somewhat Greek-ish muffins and decorate them with white sugar icing and blue sugar sprinkles, right? I spent some time looking for authentically Greek recipes, and there were some really nice-sounding ones among them. But in the end I took the lazy woman’s route and just used some ingredients I had at home anyway to make muffins inspired by the Greek recipes I’d found.

The muffins are very nutty and sweetened with honey and some golden syrup. A lot of the recipes I’d found used cinnamon and cloves and orange zest, but I didn’t want my muffins to be too Christmasy, even though it’s obvious that that’s never a bad thing. :)

Go Greece! :)


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