Strawberry fromage frais white chocolate fairy cakes

10 Jul

Strawberry fromage frais white chocolate fairy cakes

This morning, I felt like baking fairy cakes. Stranger things have happened, I guess. :)

What’s slightly less unexcitingly usual is that I feel like writing down the recipe for you!

Strawberry fromage frais muffins

Ingredients (makes 12)
250 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 egg, beaten
150 g fromage frais
125 ml milk
90 g butter
120 g sugar
1 pinch salt
170 g strawberries

Chop the strawberries into small pieces. Mix all the other ingredients together until well combined. Then stir in the strawberries. Grease or line a muffin tin, fill with the mixture. Bake at 180°C fan for about 30 minutes.
Let cool, then eat plain. Make another batch. Let cool, ice with sugar icing and eat them all. Make another batch and add the white chocolate cream cheese topping:

White chocolate cream cheese topping

100 g white chocolate
7 g butter
2 tsp vanilla sugar (alternatively, use regular sugar + a drop of vanilla essence)
100 g cream cheese

Melt the chocolate together with the butter, then stir in the vanilla sugar (or vanilla and sugar). Beat in the cream cheese one teaspoonful at a time. Let cool to room temperature, then pipe onto your cakes.
Sprinkle your fairy cakes with pink glitter sugar, especially when making for men. They’ll love it. :)


2 Responses to “Strawberry fromage frais white chocolate fairy cakes”

  1. R Taylor 10/09/2012 at 3:30 PM #

    I also felt like baking today that’s why I was searching for yummy things to bake. These fairy cakes are a great idea! Although I still need to prove if men like pink glitter sugar.


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    […] white chocolate cream cheese topping I made for my strawberry fromage frais muffins inspired me to make brains. I thought the texture of the stuff was perfect, and with the help of a […]

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