Brain Cakes

14 Jul

brain cakes

Yesterday was the third (!) Friday the 13th this year, and the second one we “celebrated” in our film group. We watched Friday the 13th Part 2, of course. Yay for Eighties tackiness! :)

After my first Friday the 13th cake earlier this year, it was obvious I had to bake another theme cake. Also: I wanted to. :)

The white chocolate cream cheese topping I made for my strawberry fromage frais muffins inspired me to make brains. I thought the texture of the stuff was perfect, and with the help of a little black food colouring I hoped I could get a nice brain hue. :)

The cakes, both for the bases and the brains, are simple sponge cakes. I added a dash of rum, some melted caramel chocolate and chopped crunchy caramel sweets. Yum.

I baked two small round cakes and two small hemispherical cakes. The bases were covered with dark chocolate. I am quite pleased with the look of the chocolate dripping down the sides of the cakes and the pools at the bottom. Try not to think of congealed blood. :)

Piping on the brains was not an easy feat, and I am not one hundred percent satisfied. But I never am. So. Meh. (Wow, I am so eloquent today!)

No, all in all the cakes looked brainy enough. And my mates liked them, and all the cake was gone rather quickly. Result, I say! :)


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