Monster Eyeball Cake

10 Aug

Monster Eyeball Cake

For our very special horror film night tonight, I had to bake a very special cake.

This is one I’d been thinking of for a few weeks. I wanted to bake a monster eyeball. Because I can. And because I have loads of other, more important and more urgent things to do.

I baked a courgette cake in a 26 cm sandwich tin. The courgette cake is one of my childhood favourites. It is similar to carrot cake, very nice and moist, with hazelnuts and a hint of cinnamon.

Then I cut all around the cake, desperately trying to get it into a hemisphere shape. Another cut for the round(-ish, as I am not very talented…) hole for the iris, and then I put the cake into the freezer so it would be slightly less hard to cover it with white chocolate. Cake crumbs are the devil when it comes to chocolate icing!

Icing the cake still wasn’t too easy. And the icing is not perfect, which annoys me. Perfection is the minimum requirement of course!

The iris is made from water, gelatine, sugar and blue food colouring. Another tricky part: it requires patience. PATIENCE IS FOR BABIES. (Not really, as most mothers will tell me, but still.)

So you have to wait until your iris jelly is just the right consistency, then pour it into the hole in the cake, let it set just a tad more and then add a few drops of black food colouring in the centre. My timing wasn’t perfect (GRRRR!), but not too bad either. The result is not satisfactory in my book but good enough for my horror film mates. ;)

Finally, I added the veins. Semi-liquid food colouring, toothpicks, an exercise in dexterity and a lot of swearing were used to create them.

All in all, a rather nice and wonderfully disgustingly jiggly eyeball cake!

Monster Eyeball Cake 2


One Response to “Monster Eyeball Cake”

  1. Tina 10/08/2012 at 3:52 PM #

    Probieren würde ich gern ein Stück – aber Anschneiden wollte ich ihn nicht :-)

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