Wheat-free Black Forest non-gateau

25 Feb

I am still alive and kicking! And baking! Sometimes both at the same time! :)

So this blog has been neglected for aaaaaaages. Life did very much get in the way of baking blogging, I’m afraid. Much has changed in these past months – but like I said, still kicking and baking. So no need to worry. :)

I threw a little dinner party last week and the crowd was small enough so I didn’t want to bake more than one cake. (No, I said no need to worry. I also made a trifle-like dessert. There were two desserts. Even for a small crowd. I’m still me after all!) And I still like my challenges, I must say. That’s why I invited friends with food allergies/intolerances. I have intolerant friends, now there’s a surprise. ;)

So I went and looked for a recipe that would meet three criteria:

a) Black Forest gateau(-ish)
b) wheat-free
c) as little white sugar as possible

And would you believe it – I found one! And would you believe it for the second time – the stuff was really good, too!

Wheat-free Black Forest non-gateau

Wheat-free Black Forest non-gateau

It’s not a proper gateau; I made a tray bake and there’s only one layer of cake. But no-one seemed to mind, I must say!

This recipe uses corn starch instead of flour, and I was quite sure you’d be able to tell the difference. The texture of the cake was really nice though and very much regular-cake-like, really.

That’s it for today. I hope I am leaving you craving for cake – and craving for more monsterbake. I shall endeavour to go about my blogging with new vigour. Monster’s honour! :)


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