St. Patrick’s Day Muffins!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all around!

St. Patrick's Day muffin

This year, I have celebrated with a lovely St. Patrick’s brunch at a friend’s house. And I brought green muffins – now there’s a surprise. ;)

They are white chocolate and almond muffins. My friends say they’re very nice, and they’re my friends so you know they are very wise people. 

Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture of how lovely and green they were on the inside (e-numbers are still my friends! ;) but here’s a picture of pretty green muffin batter!

St. Patrick's Day muffin batter

If you haven’t celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yet I’d say it’s not too late! Got get some green food and/or green beer and/or Guinness and/or whiskey now! :)



My wonderful friend just read my post, and she still had a muffin left from this morning, so she cut it up and took this photo so you too can marvel at the inner greenness! :)

St. Patrick's Muffin - inside!Thank you Tina!



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