This is not even baked! How dare she post this!? (Cookie Dough Balls)

16 Apr

Cookie Dough Balls

In case you are as shocked and angry as whoever wrote the title of this post, let me explain: I am such a rebel I even break my own rules! Or I keep forgetting the rules I’d made up. One of those two.

So. I have a friend who’s done me more favours and helped me out more often lately than I can count. Not that I can count very high… But still. She’s helped me out big time. Again and again. And she was there when others let me down.

And saying thank you is nice, but saying thank you with cake is nicer. Or with cookies. Or cookie dough! :)

This friend I’m talking about shares my passion for pinching bits of cake batter or cookie dough. (You HAVE to do this. Constant quality control is the key to success, and you never know when the batter or dough is going to go bad!) She claims she could just eat a whole bowl of cookie dough instead of actually baking cookies. So I made a batch of cookie dough balls for her.

I hear cookie dough balls have been around in the United States and elsewhere for quite a while but I had never had or even seem them outside the blogosphere. They’re not to everybody’s taste. They do really taste like uncooked dough. I liked them! And so did my friend. Mission accomplished!


One Response to “This is not even baked! How dare she post this!? (Cookie Dough Balls)”

  1. Tina 16/04/2013 at 12:07 PM #

    Zu viel der Ehre.
    Constant quality control ist definitiv unerlässlich. :-)
    Vielen Dank für all die Köstlichkeiten am Wochenende.

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