Dagobah Cake for Star Wars Day 2013

6 May
Dagobah Cake

Eat the swamp you must!


Happy belated Star Wars Day!

I am late blogging this but I sincerely hope you all had a very Star-Wars-y day last Saturday!

A few friends and I got together, threw some meat on the barbecue and pretended it was fresh Ewok ;) – and then we watched The Empire Strikes Back and ate lovely swamp cake.

Last year, we watched A New Hope, and I made Death Star Cakes.

For this year’s project I baked a chocolate tray bake and created the swamp from several layers of thickened green custard and chocolate cream. I loved how “swampy” the result looked!

Dagobah Cake 2

And I accessorized the cutlery to go with the cake:


Finally, my friend’s son contributed his fighter to make the ensemble perfect:

Dagobah Cake 3

What more could you want for a proper celebration of this very special holiday!? :)


May the Fourth Be With You!


(Yes, I am already making plans for next year’s Return of the Jedi Cake. How’d you guess!?)


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