A special (Hamburg) football fan’s birthday cakes

22 Jul

Football cakesThere are a number of reasons why you’d do something out of character. Brainslugs, for one. Being possessed by evil demons. Spontaneous mind implosion.

So you make up your own mind why I would bake football cakes of all things.


Anyway, I got to bake cakes and use food colouring, so all is well. :)


The tray bake is one I’ve made several times before, poppyseed & yoghurt. Lovely stuff. The green icing is made from icing sugar, rum and food colouring – the three main food groups, incidentally!


football cakes 02


For the fairy cakes, I used no alcohol and spelt flour rather than wheat flour to cater for the needs of our pregnant and wheat-intolerant friend.

They are white chocolate & cherry fairy cakes with a white chocolate cream cheese topping and edible Hamburg football decoration on top. A lovely way to make birthday boy happy and upset this other friend of ours who is an avid fan of Hamburg’s traditional rival team. (Can’t tell you what pleased me more! ;)


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