Austria Day 2013 – Mozartkugel cakes

26 Oct


It’s Austria day!

My roommate had a go at me for not wearing a traditional Austrian dirndl today so I shut him up with a Mozartkugel cake. :)

2013 Mozartkugel cakes

Tradition says I have to bake these cakes every year, but this time I changed the recipe a little bit. I added ground hazelnuts and a tiny bit of bitter almond to the cake batter. And for the first time, every cake comes with one and a half Mozartkugeln, one is baked into the centre of the cake and another half a Mozartkugel sits on top. Just in case you were worried about not getting enough chocolate, which is a sin on every day but even more so on a special day like today!

Talking of special days, I would like to dedicate this post to a special person who will not get any of the cakes. Yes, I am mean like that. But I’m hoping she’ll appreciate the thought (and anyway it’s her fault for moving so far away).
She’s an expat who is missing only one red stripe in her country’s flag… ;) And she’s THIRTY today! Happy birthday Matylda!


One Response to “Austria Day 2013 – Mozartkugel cakes”

  1. Tina 14/11/2013 at 2:34 AM #

    waren soooo gut.

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