Sick pumpkin cake for Halloween

31 Oct

sick pumpkin cake 01

Well, what did you expect!? I’ve baked intestines in the past. There was only one direction I was heading…

So, happy Halloween. I hope you have a fantastic night with lovely people, scary films and disgusting looking cake. :)

For once, I am happy and disturbed at the same time because my cake turned out just the way I’d hoped.

Anyway, let’s talk shop. This is how this cake came to be:

In a moment of cleverness I decided to start out with carving the pumpkin face, figuring that if I’d messed up (and the chances of that weren’t low), I could still use the pumpkin for the cake and give it another go with the second pumpkin I had. However, I didn’t need that. I like the expression my pumpkin has. And carving it wasn’t as hard as I’d thought! (What exactly was I expecting? Resistance?)

Step 2: the tray bake. It’s a very moist pumpkin and hazelnut cake with a hint of cinnamon. My own recipe; the idea was to produce an almost-but-not-quite cake equivalent of pumpkin pie, and I think I have succeeded. Yay.

I did not use all of the batter for the tray bake; I used some to make three muffins for my grown-up coffee & cake date this afternoon. And I made another tiny baby cake for the next part of my baking project

For the, er, topping I cooked some pumpkin pulp, added a splash of milk, some sugar, cinnamon, food colouring and torn-up bits of cake. Texture is important. Having watched The Exorcist the other day helped.

sick pumpkin cake 02

PS: I am typing this post on my partner’s computer, and I keep asking myself what the flip this sticker saying “Spill-Resistant Keyboard” is supposed to achieve other than … Challenge accepted.


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