His & Hers Gender-Specific Stereotype Semi-Belated Birthday Muffins

24 Jan

Here you go, just in case you needed proof that all the gender studies classes I’ve attended in my life didn’t teach me anything:

His & Hers Gender Specific Muffins

I love how many things are wrong with these muffins!

These are for my friends’ birthdays. It’s hers today and it was his two weeks ago. And because we’re all educated and gender-aware and emancipated and … This reminds me of a student I knew who kept mixing up the words “emancipated” and “emaciated”, and I just thought that my little cakes could be seen as a remedy for either, hee!

Anyway, so yes, gender stereotypes for the win. (Don’t you just love the manly sugar sprinkle animals!?)

They are semi-belated because one of the birthdays was a fortnight ago. I’ve mentioned that. And “muffins” because that’s what they are. Wouldn’t you believe it. :) “Hers” is white chocolate & coconut, “his” dark chocolate & hazelnut.



(Oooh, I know a number of people who are going to hate me for this! Hee!)


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