I’m-Not-Impressed-With-You-You-Were-Supposed-To-Be-Brownies Cappuccino Cookies

13 Feb

Cappuccino Cookie

So there was this recipe. It sounded fantastic. A beautiful soft and moist espresso brownie with a cream frosting and espresso & chocolate glazing.

The brownies looked fantastic in the pictures, too.

The recipe sounded good.

I went ahead and …

… ended up with cookies. Chocolate & espresso cookies. What the eff!?

I don’t know what went wrong. I’m guessing it was the baking temperature. Ah. I get it. I was using a man‘s oven. One should never do that. They can only cope with frozen pizzas.


It can’t have been my mistake, can it? So many italics!

So after his oven ruined my brownies, the man suggested I just serve them as cookies – I added the frosting and glazing, and everybody loved them. Everybody but me, that is. I am still not impressed.





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