More gender stereotyping: his & hers biscuits

11 May

his and hers biscuits


I admit it; I just could not resist.

On Friday, I was baking biscuits for various occasions. Actually, one main one – post to follow – and because I had troubles concentrating on one task at a time, I ended up making more biscuits for other occasions and purposes as well.

Also, I got these wonderful biscuit cutters for my birthday earlier this year.

Second also: I was invited to a His & Hers & Baby’s Birthday Party this weekend. If that’s no reason to be a bit childish, I – actually, no, I am not going to finish this sentence. I do not need a reason to be childish anyway!

Third also: food colouringies! :D

So, three alsos later, I gave my friends a biscuit heart and a biscuit fire engine for their birthdays. My feminist soul may be saved by the fact that the red food colouring still ended up looking a bit pink, so I produced a pinkish fire engine.

Yay for unintentional stereotype undermining! :D



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