Next-level intolerances baking challenge: wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free carrot & orange cake

11 May

The older we get, the more our intolerances haunt us, apparently.

I get this with my intolerances towards people.

My friends develop more and more food intolerances.

I think I’d rather live with mine… ;)

carrot and orange cake


I baked this cake on Saturday morning for my friend, who had a big party with loads of cakes and biscuits and chocolate mousse – and who’d told me she wasn’t going to be able to eat any of it.

She’s always been wheat-intolerant (you will find a number of non-wheat baking projects in earlier posts on this beautiful blog of mine), and for as long as I’ve known her she’s always been a vegetarian, although not an overly strict one.

But now it’s become more difficult.

Intolerant parents produce intolerant children: my friend had a baby and now while she’s still breastfeeding, she cannot eat or drink any of the things that baby boy is allergic to. Which means she can now not have:
— wheat, as before
— eggs
— dairy of any kind
— sugar (as in, refined sugar etc.)

I simply could not bear her having a birthday party without cake for herself, so I said I was going to bake a cake for her and her special needs. :)

Fortunately, honey is fine for her and the baby. That made life easier for me! I adapted this recipe to my friend’s needs and the result is… It’s…

It’s okay.

The cake was not bad. It just tasted a bit … like a cake for stuff-intolerant people. And the hint of cinnamon I added made it taste a bit Christmassy. Which is not a bad thing but was not the intended effect either.


So, I gave her half the cake as it was. And turned the whole purpose of the cake upside-down by icing the other half with vodka & orange sugar icing. In my opinion, that improved matters considerably. As vodka and sugar often do. ;)


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