Eurovision baking: Danish Viking ships

12 May

danish viking ship biscuits

One of the four things I am constantly thinking about is the next Eurovision party. (And you don’t want to know the other three things…)

So when we went to the Hedeby (Haithabu) Viking Musem on 2nd January, I looked at everything there with our Eurovision Viking party in mind. You cannot start preparing early enough!

Incidentally, my man found his inspiration for a Eurovision Viking party costume there. (He went dressed as a rune stone, hoping that this would mean an excuse for him not to move all night.)

And I found: a viking ship biscuit cutter!

I love the shape. And I hate the shape with a passion. Guess whether almost half the biscuits broke at the mast. Grrrrrr.

But the ones that survived my tender loving handling looked cool. And tasted nice!

The biscuits are simple butter biscuits, very buttery and lovely. (You cannot use too much butter, I have been told.)

For the flags, I used sugar icing and my dearest companion: food colouring. :)


In other news, I might be clairvoyant – the only non-Danish viking ship was a winner ship! :)

austrian viking ship biscuitOr maybe they only won because I made this very biscuit? Hmm….


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