Backen für Wacken / Wacken baking

4 Aug


Backen für Wacken


At an age when others start to consider quitting their dirty Heavy Metal festival lives, I am attending one for the first time in my life!

My partner said I have to join him and his mad friends at the Wacken Open Air festival.

He promised me dirt and limited hygiene facilities and music played by bands I don’t know – how could I resist!?

So I went along and I had an awesome time. I got dirty and listened to music by bands I didn’t know and fell a tiny bit in love with the lead singer of one of the bands and let the heavy bass thudding from the stages lull me to sleep at night.


There are people who say that baking cakes is not Heavy Metal. I beg to differ!

Exhibit a) to prove my case:

Backen für Wacken (2)


I had been asked to make my poppyseed cake as victuals for the days on the dusty field somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Of course I obliged – and I WACKENed the cake with the help of a home-made stencil for the festival logo.

Our friends liked it so much they cut all around the poppyseed decoration and ate the rest of the cake first in order to keep the logo intact for as long as possible. Way to flatter the Heavy Metal bakesteress! ;)



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    […] demand of a single person, I had to bake poppyseed cake for this year’s Wacken Open Air again. Last year’s seems to have gone down even better than I’d thought! […]

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