A Monster Wedding Cake

24 Sep

Cookie Monster Wedding Cake


So my friends asked me for a special wedding present: to bake their wedding cake. How reckless can one be!?

Yours truly felt insanely flattered though, especially since they specified two kinds of cakes I’ve made a few times before which they wanted. Compliments hardly come any bigger than that, do they?

As cake toppers, they asked me to bake Cookie Monster muffins like I’d done before, and to make one a girl cookie monster. As you know, I am always happy to comply with gender stereotypes, and even happier to dye desiccated coconut pink! :D

Voilà: A Monster Wedding Cake.




The three layers at the bottom are courgette cake – a hazelnutty cake with a hint of cinnamon, which is all lovely and moist from all the courgettes which go into the cake batter. The bride requested the courgette cake.

And the groom did not request anything.

He demanded my poppyseed cake for the top layers. :) Mr. Groom Man is a seriously massive fan of my poppyseed & yoghurt cake.


So I happily complied; I baked three courgette cakes and two poppyseed & yoghurt cakes and made a massive bowl of cream cheese & white chocolate cream to go between the cake layers.

The couple and I had agreed on a semi-naked cake, so I just added some vanilla icing on top of the cake and let it drizzle down the sides of the cake.


The worst part was transporting the cake to the restaurant where they had their reception! I am sure my man would have turned grey (if he still had any hair on his head) driving at about walking speed on a dual carriageway, and I had a heart attack, or two, or seventeen, every time we had to go around bends in the road or, even worse, roundabouts!

But we and the cake made it to the restaurant safely. Phew!

And it was a wonderful wedding, and a beautiful day starring a beautiful bride and a dashing groom.


Cookie Monster Wedding Cake Toppers

No, not them. I was talking about the actual bride and groom.

So here’s to a very happy married life for Alex and Evelien, who, if they ask me to bake a cake for their wedding anniversary, will have to transport it themselves! :-Þ


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